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About Mario RPG Universe by Fawfulthegreat64
Hi, I'm Fawfulthegreat64, the founder of Mario RPG Universe. Allow me to summarize this forum's vision and a bit of history.

The forum was founded in 2013 with a very different vision: to support Fawful for Mario Kart 8. The idea of creating a forum about this was admittedly obsessive and likely delusional. When we realized this vision was not realistic, the forum was temporarily obsolete until we realized with some slight tweaks it could become a general forum for the Mario RPGs and their characters, worlds, stories and gameplay. The forum was renamed to Mario RPG Boards in 2014 to convey this.

Through the next few years, there were a fair few experiments conducted with the forums. They were redesigned several times and at one point we attempted to start a wiki dedicated to the Mario RPGs, which proved redundant with the already existing MarioWiki and its very active community. Other experiments included Castle Bleck, a spinoff forum intended for broader gaming discussion that proved to be in way over its head, and other spinoff sites. The community, while active at times, never really took off to the extent we had hoped, but it was in this period we assumed our current title of Mario RPG Universe to emphasize the many different worlds and stories in the various Mario RPGs that could form a universe.

Our vision since 2014 has been the same: bringing together a community of Mario RPG fans. And now, in 2018, it is this vision that is the driving force behind our decision to affiliate with the Mario RPG Central Discord server, another dedicated fan community with connections to both the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi subreddits. In keeping with the scope of that community, we've added boards dedicated to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Mario Sports games with RPG elements. There will be more additions to come going forward, so please check out the Discord and above all, enjoy your stay!

- , founder & admin of MRPGU


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